Buying original artwork

You can buy original artworks on exhibits. If you find a favorite painting but can´t come to the next artshow, you are welcome to send an inquiry about the specific painting and we will find a solution for you.

Signed and numbered limited editons can be found in the web shop,

Did you find an original painting that you like?

How lovely! In this case you are welcome to send an inquiry about the specific painting available for sale and information about where it is exhibited will be replied.

Public art, projects, murials or event

Please contact us if you have an exciting event or project going on and want to collaborate. Always interested to take part of your thoughts about upcoming projects to see if I can participate in some way. Whether it's public art, murals and graffiti, live painting, participation on an exhibition or new gallery representation; everything is possible!

Send an original painting within Sweden

Stretched paintings can be sent within Sweden and also to some nordic countries. Some limites sizes are sent with Posten AB and other larger sizes are sent with UPS, DHL or Bussgods. Almost all originals can be sent rolled up and in a tube.

Delivery usually takes 2-8 days.

Send an original painting internationally

Original artwork can be sent almost everywhere in the world. I usually send original paintings packed up and secured in a wooden crate. The original painting is also insured, which means that is the artwork, against all odds, is damaged in the shipment you just send the painting back and get your money back.

The original paintings are sent with UPS or DHL. Delivery time and cost of shipping depends on where the painting is to be sent, but email the address for further information.

Regarding special orders! 

"I´ve come to the decision not to take on any more special orders of original works. Even though I really would like to have enough time and inspiration to accommodate everyone's requests because I really love the idea of painting exactly what you want, I have realized that I need a break from it to make room for a more inspirational way of painting. I feel as I´ve been at a creative standstill instead of using my time to create freely and therefor develop my artistry. Also my waitinglist for the special orders, as many of you know, became almost 2 years which is of course so flattering but in the end I did not have time to create freely. I hope this doesn´t upset anyone, but rather that you can be happy for me and look forward to all the new artwork that I soon will show you.

All my love / Paula

August 2013 "

Welcome to find your new favorite painting on the next exhibit:

* Stockholm, vernissge 5:e april at 3.30-6 pm, Pontus Fritiof Brunnsgatan 1

* Stockholm, 24 feb Galleri Axel, Södermannagatan 26

New York City Art Fair, October 25, 26 & 27 (more info under Exhibition)