Artist Paula Fägnell

Paula has displayed her work on several solo exhibitions in and around her hometown of Stockholm as well as internationally in cities such as Madrid and New York. Her paintings have been widely appreciated and usually all of the exhibited artwork has found new homes. She is now breaking new ground and expanding her art's geographical reach through exhibitions abroad, such as New York City.

The characteristics of Paula’s art is playful and lively, combining a strong, but at the same time balanced color palette with a sense of humor and enchanting animal motifs.  
Her work aims to inspire curiosity in the beholders, and invites them to soak in all the nuances that unite in an explosion of energy.

"I started to express myself through art at a very young age, but to paint with acrylics is something I developed a love for over time. Art is a passion and an escape, a way to collect my thoughts and create harmony within me.

I find inspiration almost everywhere, but mostly I get inspired by the urban pulse and way of living, as well as nature and all its amazing animals. I think this contrast shows in my paintings; my unconditional love for animals serving as a constant source for inspiring motifs, but always with an undercurrent of vibrant city life giving the paintings strength and a modern feel."

You can buy her original artwork on one of her exhibitions, and signed and numbered limited edition canvas prints can be found in her online shop.

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Paula Fägnell